Seal Coating

Our factory constructed machines apply a high volume low pressure spray for an even coat with no brush marks or squeegee lines and does not pull the material off the top of the pavement like a brush or squeegee, Our method gives you a heavier coat of sealer. We clean old asphalt using high powered air blowers and hydraulic sweepers, hand brooms and back pack blowers as needed, we fill all larger cracks with a rubberized crack filler and/or sand then apply two heavy coats of sealer depending on the condition of the surface. Typically residential driveways need one coat of sealer and due to heavy traffic commercial and industrial surfaces need two coats of sealer.




Is an oil based sealer that can be applied as soon as the new asphalt surface has been installed, this type of seal coat penetrates into the new asphalt adding more of the oil that glues the sand and stone together, It is not necessary to do this seal coat when you get your new asphalt driveway or parking lot installed but the surface will never be as clean as when it’s new and will add extra protection and waterproofing right from the start !. We offer this service at a discount IF it is done when we pave the Job.


Sealcoat two is a waterbased coal tar that forms a hard layer on top of the blacktop surface this is the most popular seal coat method on the market.

Coal tar sealer can not be applied to a new asphalt surface, you have to wait a year allowing the asphalt to cure out or else your blacktop surface will fall apart ! After you use coal tar oil base sealer can longer be used on the surface.